New Short Story Coming Soon!

Libby-LogoNew Logo Too!

Some big things in the works for the Libby-sphere.  The first thing is my new logo.  Isn’t is super fab?  A friend of mine who is a graphic designer whipped it up for me since I had to have a formal author photo.  I love love love it.

Second, and the reason I needed an official author photo, is I’m working on a new erotic short story for an anthology project with twenty-four other erotic authors.  I’ll have more details to come later but the release date is June and it’s going to panty melting and bargain priced at $.99.

The subject matter is Emilee and Grieg from Lothar’s Stratagem.  For those of you that read the edition that made it to the wedding, you’ll remember that Emilee and Grieg spent the night together.  Well, this short story is a lurid, vivid retelling of how that came to pass.  I can’t wait to share it.




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