New Chapter is Up & Some Goal Setting

Lothar's Stratagem BlurbRadio Silence Is Up!

Chapter 5 is now available for download.  Sorry it took so long.  I have completed a timeline of events leading up to the novel itself and I have worked out some motivations.

I think I need to set a hard deadline to get this project done.  November is out of the question as I’m doing NaNoWriMo and I have another title under contract under another name.  So, I’d like to shoot for March 31st to have the rough draft done.

Then a month long IndieGoGo campaign to pay for editing, etc.  Why IndieGoGo and not Kickstarter?  Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowd funding engine.  If I don’t hit my goal, I get nothing.  With IndieGoGo, whatever is pledged, I get to put toward my project.  Already bought a copy?  All funds raised that way goes toward editing too.  I just need to make enough in sales for LeanPub to issue a payment.  There is a threshold.

Ideally, I’d like to get everything done by Mid 2015.  We’ll see but a deadline will help move things along!

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