Win a #FREE Copy of Lothar’s Stratagem

Lothar's StratagemWin Lothar’s Stratagem!

Here is your chance to register to win a free ebook copy of Lothar’s Stratagem, a sci-fi romance.  Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway here.  This corresponds with Renea Mason’s Reader Appreciation Facebook Event in which I am also participating in.  So joint the event for another chance to win Lothar’s Stratagem.

Lothar’s Stratagem

Lothar enjoyed conquering alien worlds and adding to the Dulian Empire until his armada set upon the planet Alernus. The small squadron of spaceships left to defend the human colony proved quite formidable lead by the breathtaking Adorai. Once he saw her, all reason was lost and he knew he could not live without her.

Adorai had never met a force like the Dulian’s before and their fleet admiral was as ruthless as he was gorgeous. When presented with the option of marriage to Lothar and the abandonment of the Planetary Coalition, Adorai must make the hardest decision of her life. Does she submit to Lothar’s will and save her colony or stand her ground and fight until the bitter end?

Available for purchase at Leanpub, only $.99!

About this Project

Lothar’s Stratagem is being published through Leanpub as it is being written.  That means you as the reader have the ability to give the writer input while the story is developing.  Chapters are uploaded to the ebook as they are completed and you can use the forum to express your opinion.*

End Goal

Ultimately, Libby plans to complete this novel then use crowd funding such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to get the novel professionally edited then distributed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other eb00k sellers.  She’s has been fortunate enough to have win her book cover art from Phycel Designs through a Cover Art Collective giveaway.  Other expenses remain but those will be covered when the time comes.  All proceeds from sales will go toward funding this project.


*Although Libby welcomes feedback on her novel and will consider all opinions, she is ultimately in control of the novel and does not guarantee suggestions will make it into the novel.

Enter to win!  Rafflecopter giveaway link.


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