Care to See My New Cover?

Covered by starsCover Reveal: Lothar’s Stratagem

What?  Can’t see it through all the stars?  Here how you can fix this…

Go like my Facebook page here.  Already have my Facebook liked?  Invite people to like my page who like romance and science fiction.  Don’t have a Facebook account?  I can’t  help you there…

The more likes I get, the more stars I will remove from the cover.  You can also share this on twitter, the more exposure the better.  My twitter account is here.

In the meantime, I have cinched the eBook down to the new chapter one and added the cover.  I’m going to work on chapter two this weekend and if all goes smoothly, I can add the new chapter soon.  Once I get the new material to match the timeline of the old beginning, I will just be editing the existing manuscript to match the new intro.  That means faster updates, in theory.

I’m very happy to be back to writing again and look forward to getting this project completed this year!  🙂




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