Happy New Year!

Welcome 2014!  I have some big plans for this year and I’m excited to share.

  • Finish “Lothar’s Stratagem”.  I hope to have this done in the first quarter of the year.  I’m about 88% complete so far and if I can dedicate some writing time each weekend, I should be able to make my goal.
  • Kickstarter campaign for “Lothar’s Stratagem”.  I want to get professional editing and a professional cover and get this novel on Amazon.  Leanpub is great but Amazon is a much larger platform and has better name recognition.
  • Write “Dead Locked”.  I’ve had this idea for this short story for a while now.  I figure I can write it and either offer it for free or try to find an anthology that is accepting submissions.

I think that I’ll stop there before I aim too high.  If I accomplish all this, I do have another novel project I can turn to.  It all boils down to how much writing time I can work in along side all my other commitments.

What are some of your goals for this new year?


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