Chapter Fourteen Now Available!

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been a month! Time has flown by. Chapter Fourteen of Lothar’s Stratagem is now available. I hope to have more chapter up soon but I’m also planning on taking a break in November.

Here’s an excerpt from this chapter:

“Phin, you’ve got a tail,” she heard Kavan say over the com. Adorai’s attention snapped back to the monitors. One of the Dulian fighters had weapon lock on Phin’s fighter and he couldn’t shake him. Each second the lock remained took an eternity, waiting to see if weapons were launched.

“Rockets away,” Kavan shouted. Adorai watched the monitors as they bore down on Phin.

“Phin,” she said, unmuting her com as she watched the monitors. “Barrel roll, pitch starboard hard.” She felt the eyes in the room track to her position but the com remained silent after her command. She watched the monitors as Phin executed her orders, flawless, the rocket missing their mark. The screen bleeped that the alien fighter had lost their weapons lock.


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