Thoughts on a Kickstarter Campaign

I don’t have a chapter update today, it’s still in editing and I’ll work on the manuscript later today.

Instead, I bring you my thoughts on doing a Kickstarter campaign or something similar.  There are several crowd funding sites out there but Kickstarter is the most well known.

Why crowd funding?  What is there to possibly pay for?  Well, here’s my list, so far…

  • Professional Editing
  • Professional Cover Art and Promo Art
  • Website & Hosting
  • Ebook and Paperback formatting
  • Advertising

I don’t have a total cost for these services but I know I don’t have the money in my pocket.  I’d love to slap this novel up on Amazon and beyond for more exposure and feedback.

No, you wont have to pay more or buy the book again, if I get my funding and get a new cover and new edits, I’ll update Leanpub with the current version of the book.  You might want to consider a donation though since I’m working on some pretty awesome donation thank you gifts.

So, what are your thoughts, dear readers?  Would you love to see Lothar’s Stratagem professionally edited, with a new cover, a website of it’s very own, the option to buy it in paperback, and get some decent advertising?  What would you like to see?  Any thank you gifts you’d be interested in?

Please let me know in the comments below.


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