Chapter Thirteen Now Available!

The next chapter of Lothar’s Stratagem is up!  Please remember that I might not be on time for my weekly chapter updates from here on out.  I’ll do my best but no promises.

There’s a short excerpt:

          “You call this combat training?” Adorai shouted, being stopped by Grieg’s hands on her shoulder.  Her words went unacknowledged but she knew they were heard. 

            “This is why you didn’t answer my call?” Emilee asked as Grieg kept them both out of the circle of combatants. 

            “Just some friendly sparring,” Grieg said.  “Best stay back.”

            “There is nothing friendly about this,” Adorai replied, watching her brother struggle to get to his feet.  He already sported a split lip.  Kavan made a motion that he was done but Lothar’s stance did not change.  He was going to charge as soon as Kavan righted himself.

            “Stop him,” Adorai shouted but no one moved.  She darted past Grieg as Lothar landed another blow on her brother, knocking the wind from him.  He crumbled to the ground again, looking lifeless.  She rolled him onto his back as soon as she reached him and felt for his pulse.  She sighed as she felt the blood still pumping and turned to the man she called husband.


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