Chapter Twelve Now Available!

Chapter Twelve of Lothar’s Stratagem is now available!  After this update, things will slow down a bit.  Life has intervened so I can’t guaranty a weekly update.  I’ll do my best and I’ll see you all at the finish.

Here’s an excerpt:

            “You human’s film this and broadcast it?” he asked, keenly aware that she had climbed onto his lap to reach the remote.  His arm went around her waist and he felt the soft fabric of her pajamas.  Her body froze as she no doubt noticed that he was excited.  He expected her to bolt but she did something far worse. 

            Adorai squirmed in his lap and he moaned.

            She giggled.

            “Don’t start something you aren’t prepared to finish,” he growled into her ear and he felt a shiver run down her spine.  He waited for her to make the next move all the while the couple on the halo-vision were nearing their own climax.  Her scent had changed and he knew she was not unaffected by the situation.  Lothar wanted to bring Adorai to her limit and watch pleasure cascade over her in waves much like the couple on display before them.  Lothar held his breath as she started to turn toward him, a sly little smile on her face.


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