Chapter Eleven Now Available!

Chapter Eleven is now available!  The dreaded or much anticipated wedding night.

Here’s a small excerpt:

She knew she was going to be kissed the moment she looked up at him. His lips were warm and inviting and lacked the frenzy they had earlier when they were just wed. He seemed to want to savor the moment and make it last. She had to admit that if he kept this kiss going too long her breathe would be stolen away. But his arms around her were like iron, like she could never get free from them.

Her mind protested against the thought. Her body must have tensed. He must have sensed it.

“What’s wrong?” he whispered and he broke the kiss and looked down on her.

“Nothing,” she lied, trying to stand on her tiptoes to reclaim his lips. It worked for only a moment, stealing a few light kisses before he stood up again.


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