New Blurb for Lothar’s Stratagem

I wrote a new blurb for Lothar’s Stratagem, I hope that you enjoy.  This better captures the story than the previous blurb.

Lothar enjoyed conquering alien worlds and adding to the Dulian Empire until his armada set upon the planet Alernus. The small squadron of spaceships left to defend the human colony proved quite formidable lead by the breathtaking Adorai. Once he saw her, all reason was lost and he knew he could not live without her.

Adorai had never met a force like the Dulian’s before and their fleet admiral was as ruthless as he was gorgeous. When presented with the option of marriage to Lothar and the abandonment of the Planetary Coalition, Adorai must make the hardest decision of her life. Does she submit to Lothar’s will and save her colony or stand her ground and fight until the bitter end?

Please sign up to get email notifications about the novel.  Once it is published, I will only offer it for free for a limited time.  You don’t want to miss your opportunity.


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