An Introduction

Hello, I’m Libby, a science fiction romance and erotica author.  This blog is to document my journey as I publish my work through LeanPub.  I’ve been writing for quite a few years and I figure I should turn this hobby into career and I chose self publishing as my method.

I chose LeanPub for several reasons.  LeanPub allows me to publish as I write so I can get feedback as I write.  I really want to connect with my readers.  Anyone who purchases my work gets an automatic update as soon as I modify my ebook. I’ll probably list the novel as free for the first chapter but once it grows in length I’ll mark it up.  So grab it while it’s new and free!

My first project is called “Lothar’s Stratagem“, a science fiction romance.  Here is the blurb:

Since he first laid eyes upon her, Lothar has wanted only one thing. The human fighter pilot consumed every waking thought and even his dreams. The war waging between their peoples and her repeated refusals of his advances forced his hands. He would have Adorai as his bride at any cost or die trying.

“Lothar’s Stratagem” is planned to be a full length novel and quite possibly a space opera.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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